White men in MAGA hats being walked on leashes around Trump’s Hollywood star. You can’t make this up.

There’s a reason the left is commonly referred to as “unhinged.”

A strange merging took place recently in Hollywood — where else? — of the Trump Derangement Syndrome cabal and the war on white men.

Video and photos of white males wearing MAGA hats being walked like dogs on the Hollywood Walk of Fame are making the rounds online.

The men — we assume they are liberals because no conservative in his right mind is going to do something like this — are on leashes, reportedly being walked as if dogs by women of color and members of the LBGT community near Donald Trump’s star on the famous sidewalk.

“And they say the ones who voted for Trump are crazy,” the caption read on one video.

This passing as art, apparently, according to the hard-left activist group Indecline — there was a YouTube video of the spectacle, but it was removed by the user.

“Hate is learned. Compassion is taught. And trolls get the richest When their outrage is bought,” read the Instagram caption of a post from the group.

The post tagged rapper Cardi B, the other Bronx nitwit who recently got into it with conservative pundit and FOX Nation host Tomi Lahren.

The rapper was widely celebrated by pop culture and many in the media when she threatened Lahren with violence, tweeting: “Leave me alone, or I’ll dog walk you.”

(According to Urban Dictionary, to “dog walk” a person means: “When you’re beating someone’s ass and you’re dragging them as if you were walking a dog.”)

There were other videos of the Trump trolling shared online, along with photos, as seen below — even Anonymous got in on it:

Here’s another photo found on Instagram.

The caption read: “Coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. A beautiful Native American woman leading a white guy in a #MAGA hat around on a leash on #hollywoodblvd America will never be great again until this administration is annihilated.”


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