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Trump Jr. serves up brilliant Oscar ‘hoax’ category that makes selecting a winner tough work

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If there was an Oscar for sarcastic creativity in a political setting, Donald Trump Jr. would be the hands down winner.

While rational Americans have long since tuned out the liberal Hollywood self-love fest known as the Academy Awards, President Donald Trump’s eldest son turned to Twitter on Sunday night to ridicule the occasion.

Capitalizing on three recent events, Trump Jr. brilliantly offered up nominations for “best performance in a politically motivated hate hoax.”

And the three nominees tagged made tough work out of selecting a “winner.”

First up was Nathan Phillips, the Native American activist involved in a confrontation (that wasn’t) with a group of Catholic high school students. Turns out, events did not transpire as the media reported, with Phillips proving to be less than honest about it.

The next choice was Christine Blasey Ford, the psychology professor at Palo Alto University who leveled uncorroborated accusations of sexual assault against now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Ford reached way back to her high school days in accusing Kavanaugh, even though everybody she named as being present failed to recall the incident she described.

The final choice was none other than actor Jussie Smollett, who was just charged with staging his own hate crime attack by so-called Trump supporters, after the two men he allegedly hired to assault him and leave a noose around his neck gave up the goods to Chicago police.

“Cast your vote now. The nominees for best performance in a politically motivated hate hoax are…,” Trump Jr. tweeted.

In the end, these three incidents prove what those who have been paying attention already know, that for the left the end really does justify the means.

Regardless of who must be thrown under a bus to advance their political agenda.

With the weaponizing of the #MeToo Movement, the inclusion of Ford, given her status as an alleged victim in post-Obama America, where victimization is power, resulted in plenty of manufactured outrage from the left.

Exhibit A:

As for Trump Jr., not only did he provide entertainment at the Oscars’ expense, he also did the country a solid in offering a summary of the award show, allowing folks to utilize their time in a more productive manner.

…like slamming their hand in a car door.

The aforementioned summary:

“I’ll save you guys the trouble & summarize the #Oscars so you don’t have to watch.

Trump: bad, despite booming economy & lowest black/Hispanic unemployment ever.

Walls: Immoral, except outside our houses.

Socialism: Pay no attention to mayhem in Venezuela, let’s give it a try.”

Trump Jr.’s online trolling gives the Trump Derangement Syndrome crowd the opportunity to vent built up frustration over Hillary Clinton losing the 2016 election.

Given the toxic wasteland that his Twitter feed has become, the country owes him a debt of gratitude for absorbing such negative energy likely to surface in much more harmful ways otherwise.

Tom Tillison


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