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Former Hillary senior adviser not feeling ‘the Bern’, rips media for embracing Sanders over Clinton

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And STILL they protest.

Team Hillary continues to struggle with the reality that their standard-bearer lost in the 2016 presidential election, and their sour grapes even extends to the Democratic primary leading up to the November election that year.

With Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., revitalizing his socialist road show for 2020, hoping to be the Democratic nominee to take on President Donald Trump, Philippe Reines, a former senior adviser to Hillary Clinton, could not contain himself.

Citing Sanders’ age — he was born three months before the attack on Pearl Harbor — Reines took to social media to compare that to Clinton, a spring chicken at the age of 70, and rip the media for welcoming Sanders renewed run.

Touting Clinton’s vote totals in 2016 over her 77-year-old rival, it would appear that Team Hillary has/had their hopes set on another run — it would be her third.

As for Sanders’ chances in 2020, suffice it to say that Reines is not feeling the Bern, as he offered a new campaign slogan suggestion: “2020: Feel the Fizzle.”

The irony of blasting the media is quite remarkable, given that it’s now clear the Democratic Party rigged the 2016 primary in favor of Clinton, giving poor ol’ Bernie the shaft.

But don’t mention the Democratic National Committee putting its fat thumb on the scale in favor of Clinton to Reines, he’s in no mood to entertain the notion. After all, Clinton won, didn’t she?

Instead, the former Clinton adviser pivoted to go after Sanders’ supporters.

Reines tweeted: “I think she won by 3,708,294 so when you all scream about the DNC you are delusional. Worse than delusional, Bernie supporters have done nothing for two years but spew their delusions at the 16,914,722 who voted for Hillary in 2016. aka 16,914,722 undecided 2020 primary voters.”

In sharp contrast to 2016, early polling show Sanders entering the 2020 race as a top contender, along with former Vice President Joe Biden.

That two white men in their mid to late 70s leads the party doesn’t say much for the party of diversity.

With democratic socialists — see progressive left — making up a bigger faction in the Democratic Party, could it be that the party is moving on from the Clintons?

Either way, Reines’ deep-rooted anger is apparent to see:

Here’s a quick sampling of other responses from Twitter:


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