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Freshly paid-off Kaepernick wants to play in NFL again, his lawyer names Patriots as one of two teams

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Colin Kaepernick, the radical left-wing former NFL player, must be convinced that he has the league and weak-kneed Commissioner Roger Goodell by the cojones.

Amid reports of a settlement in Kaepernick’s nearly two-year long collusion grievance with the NFL, which was widely seen as a huge win for the ex-player and his former teammate Eric Reid, who joined him in the complaint, one might say the not-so-good quarterback is feeling his oats.

On a side note, the complaint was filed though the player’s union, not a court of law, meaning Goodell was likely more interested in paying a boat-load of money to make the issue go away.

But now that Kaepernick has been paid — there was no monetary figure announced in the settlement, though it’s surely in the millions, if not tens of millions — his attorney says his client still wants to play.

This prompted a social media user to ask, “Isn’t he worried about the slave masters?”

(You may recall that NBA racist LeBron James ripped NFL owners as “old white men” with a “slave mentality.”)

But the quarterback who doesn’t think very highly of his country doesn’t want to go to just any team. No, if Kaepernick’s going to play again, why not play for the World Champion New England Patriots?

The Super Bowl winning Patriots was one of two teams lawyer Mark Geragos named as possible suitors for Kaepernick, who has not played in over two years.

“It would not surprise me if [Patriots owner] Bob Kraft makes a move,” Geragos told CNN.

If you think about it, it’s a perfect move — never mind that the team currently has the greatest QB to ever play the game, Tom Brady, under contract.

Perfect for Goodell, at least, who fought a two-year legal battle with Brady in what was known as Deflate-gate.

The other team Geragos named was the Carolina Panthers, who have a star QB of their own in Cam Newton, a prima-donna who will not be thrilled with the prospect of sharing the limelight with Kaepernick.

Interestingly, Kaepernick reportedly had an opportunity to play in the new Alliance of American Football league.

IF the league wrote a big enough check.

The AAF reached out to the quarterback, but he wanted $20 million minimum to ply his marginal skills, according to The Athletic.

AAF co-founder Bill Polian acknowledged that they contacted Kaepernick, though he offered no other details.

“I don’t know what transpired, but he’s obviously not playing,” he told The Athletic.

The Associated Press reported that Kaepernick wanted $20 million or more to play in the new league that opened its season last weekend.

Seems the hard-left social justice warrior hasn’t entirely giving up on capitalism, so there may be hope yet.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses from Twitter:

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