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Jim Acosta talks to Angel Moms on-air after Trump forced him to face the grieving parents at WH presser

Jim Acosta callously insists there's no 'emergency' even after talking to grieving Angel Moms
Jim Acosta insists there’s no “national emergency” even after talking to grieving Angel Moms. (Charlie Spiering/Twitter)

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CNN reporter Jim Acosta callously insisted to TV viewers that there’s no national emergency at the US-Mexico border. Acosta made this baseless assertion even after talking to Angel Moms who are grieving over the deaths of their children who were murdered by illegal immigrants.

Jim Acosta Calls Murdered Americans ‘Mythology’

“[Trump] sort of draws on some of this anti-immigration mythology to try to sell this wall on the border when we know that the facts in many cases fight against what he says,” Acosta said.

“So I suspect if we are seeing some of the Angel moms coming in, the president will be try to drum up some emotional energy on this occasion, to try to sell the wall. We have seen him do it before.

It hasn’t convinced the Congress. It hasn’t convinced the country, but it sounds like he will try to do it again.”


Jim Acosta feigned mild sympathy for the Angel Moms on-camera.

Angel Mom: Trump Is ‘Completely Correct’ About Wall

But when Acosta reported on President Trump’s press conference to his CNN colleagues, he dismissed the grief of the Angel Moms, one of whom told him:

“I’m a legal immigrant. My family came through the right channels. And this is my only son, who was murdered by a previously deported illegal alien.

We need to secure our borders to protect American citizens. President Trump is completely correct on this issue. We need to protect this country.”

Acosta then claimed that the Angel Moms’ children were “allegedly” killed, when in fact, they were brutally murdered.

“These are parents of victims who were allegedly killed by undocumented immigrants. The president likes to point to these folks who have been just through some terrible experiences as evidence that a wall is needed down at the border.

Of course, multiple studies have shown that undocumented immigrants commit crimes and are incarcerated at lower levels than native-born Americans.”

Obama Border Chief: The Media Are Lying To Public

Meanwhile, Obama’s former border-patrol chief, Mark Morgan, says it is the media that are lying when they dismiss the border crisis as “manufactured.”

“This is part of the frustration for those of us from a law enforcement, border-security perspective. How many more statistics do we have to provide [to prove there is a real crisis at the border]?

How many more factually-based examples do we have to provide? How many more Angel Families have to stand in front of some of these individuals before they finally say, ‘Yeah, this is real.”

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