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As celebs panic over ‘dictator’ Trump, America is ‘already in 31 national emergencies’ from former presidents

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Speaking early on Friday from the White House Rose Garden, President Trump announced, “I’m going to be signing a national emergency, and it’s been signed many times before, by many presidents. It’s rarely been a problem … nobody cared.”

But, now they do care – at least the Trump-hating left “cares” a lot. Not only are countless celebrities and media pundits incensed over the idea of an ‘immoral’ border wall, but they’re doubly enraged – and seemingly frightened — that Trump is using his presidential power in unprecedented ways.

Only like Trump said, it’s nothing new.

In fact, dozens of active national emergencies are still active and 12 of them were issued by Obama alone.

Sebastian Gorka, Trump’s former deputy advisor on national security affairs, noted that over 30 of national emergencies declared by past presidents still remain active today.

In his remarks Friday, Trump admitted he expects there will be legal action but is confident the Supreme Court will ultimately back his authority.

“We’ll end up in the Supreme Court and hopefully get a fair shake and win in the Supreme Court just like the ban,” he said.

Hours later, Trump made it official with a National Emergency Declaration to build a border security wall to help ensure the sovereignty of America and keep its citizens safe.

Despite the record of many past presidents using executive actions in declaring states of emergency, the left as been engaged in a collective meltdown over Trump’s move because, well, it’s Trump after all. CNN’s Don Lemon was schooled after a lengthy rant about it on “CNN Tonight” Thursday.

Hollywood also could hardly contain itself and publicly overreacted to the impending “dictatorship.”

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