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‘Can’t be real!’ MSNBC triggers horrified libs into fevered conspiracy with pic of potential 2020 Dem contenders

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MSNBC sent heads crashing to desks during a recent segment featuring a graphic depicting 2020 Democratic presidential contenders.

The network was mocked on social media after a graphic was presented during a panel discussion Wednesday on the potential candidates for the 2020 presidential race.


The image showed a field made up exclusively of white men.

While Senators Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren are part of a “diverse” group of Democrats who have declared their candidacy, the MSNBC panel was discussing contenders who have not yet made a public decision about running.

The graphic only noted that the men pictured were “2020 Democrats to watch,” not clarifying that the 2020 Democratic presidential field “already features more women and minority candidates than ever,” according to CNN.

Twitter users reacted to the MSNBC segment hosted by Kristen Welker with a mixture of disbelief and collective head-shaking.

One comment noted an interesting observation about the men in the graphic.

Others noted how Ohio Sen. Sherod Brown was pictured twice.

Some Twitter users wondered if there was a message being sent by MSNBC with the timing of the graphic being displayed.

But many just agreed that there was just so much “wrong” with the picture.

Frieda Powers


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