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‘Beyond the pale’: Disbelief and disgust when MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell falsely reports on ‘Polish and Nazi regime’

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The Polish Embassy in Washington reprimanded MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell for her offensive comments on a “Polish and Nazi Regime.”

The MSNBC foreign affairs correspondent was reporting from the Polish capital on Wednesday where she interviewed Vice President Mike Pence at the Middle East conference in Warsaw.

Mitchell reported that Pence and his wife’s visit to Poland included a stop at the site of the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising where, she said, Polish Jews were fighting “for a month against the Polish and Nazi regime.”

In a tweet with the hashtag #WordsMatter, the US Polish Embassy schooled Mitchell on the facts.

The Uprising was the largest single revolt by Jews during WWII and saw about 13,000 of them slaughtered. Mitchell’s remarks sparked questions about whether she violated Poland’s Holocaust law, which initially made it a criminal offense to accuse the nation of complicity in Nazi war crimes.

The Warsaw-based Central Europe office of the American Jewish Committee slammed Mitchel for her egregious comments, saying “journalists should do their homework” in a tweet.

The Forum of Polish Jews decried the comments as an “absolute scandal!”

“Andrea Mitchell of NBC/MSNBC, in a report from Warsaw, has said that the Warsaw ghetto uprising was fought against ‘the Polish and Nazi regime.’ What can one say about such a gigantic, shameless instance of ignorance?! This is an absolute scandal!” the group tweeted.

Mitchell was torched on social media as demands poured in for an apology or even her resignation.

Frieda Powers


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