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WaPo’s deceptive headline on Trump’s new golf simulator makes him look bad. Key details change everything.

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The Washington Post appeared to deliberately malign President Donald Trump with a headline that was deceptively missing some key details.

In a story published Tuesday, the Post’s headline blared: “President Trump installed a room-sized golf simulator at White House.”

But the report that followed revealed some important context.

While it is true that the president enjoys virtual games of golf on the room-sized “golf simulator,” playing at courses all over the world, some relevant details were only shared once readers got past the headline and first paragraph. It turns out, Trump actually replaced an existing, “less sophisticated” simulator game that had been installed by his predecessor, former President Obama.

Furthermore, the cost of the $50,000 update was reportedly paid for by Trump personally.

But the article went on to paint a picture of Trump enjoying a lot of “executive time” in his schedule, allowing him to watch television and, presumably, to play virtual golf.

According to the Post:

President Trump has built his schedules around long blocks of “executive time” — unstructured periods in the day where the president’s schedules show no official meetings. He often spends this time watching TV, tweeting, holding impromptu meetings and making phone calls, aides have said.


Citing a report by Axios, the Post reported that 60 percent of his scheduled hours make up for Trump’s “Executive Time.” However, the publication then noted that the president “has not used his new golf simulator during executive time — or at all since it was put in.”

Twitter users weighed in on the crafty way The Washington Post presented the non-story.

Frieda Powers


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