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The View’s Behar and McCain can’t last long like this: ‘If you’re going to have a hissy fit, we can’t continue’

Joy Behar and co-host Meghan McCain argued on 'The View.'
Joy Behar and co-host Meghan McCain argued on ‘The View.’

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“The View” co-hosts Meghan McCain and Joy Behar got into a fiery exchange Monday after Behar repeatedly interrupted McCain while discussing President Trump’s reaction of Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar’s 2020 presidential announcement.

Behar mocked Trump’s tweet, where he teased Klobuchar for her stance on global warming while giving a speech during a snowstorm in freezing cold.

“By the end of the speech, she looked like a Snowman (woman!)” the president joked.

Behar reacted by making an inane crack about how Trump’s hair wouldn’t fare so well in a snowstorm.


Meghan McCain: ‘Can I Say Something Now?’

At that point, Meghan McCain wanted to chime in with her thoughts about Klobuchar’s rally because one of her friends had been in the crowd when it happened.

“This is real,” McCain interjected.

Behar angrily quipped: “Can I get through this, please?”

“You know what?” McCain responded. “This whole thing is so stupid…Can I say something now? Is that okay, Joy? Do I have permission? I have permission to speak now on Amy Klobuchar? We’re all good?”

Joy Behar to McCain: You’re Having ‘a Hissy Fit’

“I have friends who were at her announcement,” McCain said before waving in frustration at something Behar was doing while she was talking: “Nope, by all means, keep going, Joy.”

Behar replied: “No, if you’re going to have a hissy fit, we can’t continue.”

Dem Candidate Pool Is Long and Undistinguished

Speaking of hissy fit, Senator Klobuchar has such a terrible reputation for abusing her staffers that they quit in droves.

“At least three people have withdrawn from consideration to lead Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s nascent 2020 presidential campaign — and done so in part because of the Minnesota Democrat’s history of mistreating her staff,” said a source.

According to former Klobuchar staffers, the 13-year Senate veteran frequently has verbally abusive outbursts, and is difficult to work with. This must be a common theme among Democrats.

As BizPac Review reported, Senator Elizabeth Warren yanked her poor grandson to her side like a rag doll for a shameless photo op at a rally to announce her presidential run.


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