Gaetz defends bringing up border wall at contentious gun control hearing, gets in fiery exchange with Cuomo

CNN host Chris Cuomo and Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz argued over the need for a border wall.

Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz had a fiery exchange with CNN host Chris Cuomo after a hearing on gun control, where Gaetz was repeatedly interrupted by Manuel Oliver, the father of a boy killed in the 2018 shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school.

Cuomo accused Gaetz of trying to get Oliver removed from the hearing. Gaetz denied “trying to get Mr. Oliver thrown out or removed” and reiterated his position that while addressing gun control, lawmakers should also address the epidemic of illegal immigrants who kill Americans using guns.

Matt Gaetz: If Course Gun Crime Would Fall If You Curb Illegal Immigration

“I’m not making the argument that illegal aliens are uniquely like more inclined to commit gun violence,” Gaetz said. “I’m saying that it’s clearly a very preventable form of gun violence, if you end illegal immigration. If you end illegal immigration and you had a wall, some of these people that were dead at the hands of illegal immigrants that shot them [might be alive].”


Cuomo shot back: “You guys have never done a damn thing until it became a tool of opportunity for you to talk about immigration. These mass shootings keep happening and you do nothing except go on TV and say, ‘We’re not a law away.’ And now you say in front of a room of victims’ parents and you talk about the wall. That’s an issue.”

Cuomo asked Gaetz why he brought up the border wall at the gun-control hearing.

Gaetz replied: “The reason you bring up the wall is because if you have the wall, fewer violent illegal aliens will come into this country and more Americans will not be the victims of gun violence. That is a perfectly reasonable argument to make.”

Gaetz: Open-Borders Illegal Immigration Is Immoral

Gaetz continued:

“In my state of Florida we have background checks and I believe — under the tenth amendment, those are the things we would leave to the states to be able to have those solutions.

But the inference that somehow, if you’re talking about guns and violence, you in no way can talk about illegal immigration, that you just have to have that off the table for discussion is ludicrous and it’s not the reality that our American families live.

Because the wall will help have fewer violent illegal immigrants in this country killing people. That’s obvious.

The Democratic Party had in their platforms provisions that said illegal aliens were coming in and committing felonies and sent back and right back across the border to do the same thing. This new view of the left that we should be borderless, that say we should abolish ICE [that is immoral].”

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