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Stunning on-air moment former NYT editor finds out she’s being accused of plagiarism — with ‘evidence’

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Martha MacCallum’s on-air questions about plagiarism left a former New York Times editor scrambling for a response.

The Fox News host concluded an interview with Jill Abramson on Wednesday’s “The Story With Martha MacCallum” by bringing up claims that were “just surfacing on Twitter” that portions of her book “could be plagiarized.”


“Vice News Tonight” correspondent Michael Moynihan claimed there were “plagiarized passages” in the book by the former New York Times executive editor. He addressed the issue in a long Twitter thread on Wednesday, offering side-by-side comparisons as proof that Abramson “lifted” passages from other sources to use in her own book, titled “Merchants of Truth.”

“Michael Moynihan of Vice is writing about this,” MacCallum said to Abramson. “He goes to a section that Jake Malooley wrote in Vice Cop that talks about Jason Mojica and the paragraphs are very similar in your writing. Do you have any comment on this?”

“I really, I really don’t, uh…” Abramson attempted to reply.

“You are going to be asked to respond to this at some point,” MacCallum said as she provided Ambramson with some papers to examine.“I put them right in front of you so you have a chance to look at them.”

“I certainly didn’t plagiarize in my book,” Abramson asserted. “There are 70 pages of footnotes showing, you know, where I got the information.”

“Do you think this is a footnote issue?” the Fox News host asked after reading an example of nearly identical passages that Moynihan had tweeted.

“No, I don’t think it’s an issue at all,” Ambramson replied.

“So you are standing by your work 100 percent?” MacCallum asked.

“Yes,” Abramson said.

Among Moynihan’s many tweets, he noted that there was “lesser stuff” than the plagiarism he was pointing to but admitted it was still “problematic.”

“Many people from Vice have been taking issue with the book, it seems,” Abramson noted. “I think they don’t like the portrayal of Vice. although I think it;s a very balanced portrait.”

The former editor took to Twitter herself to say she would be looking into the passages.

Reactions to the accusations and Abramson’s responses immediately hit Twitter.

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