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As blackface photo scandal rages, Bill Maher jokes to black GOP congressman about fried chicken

(Image: screenshot)

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Comedian and talk show host Bill Maher has been feeling the heat of backlash after allegedly making a racist comment to a Black Republican congressman.

Maher kicked off Black History Month by peppering Texas GOP Rep. Will Hurd during Friday’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” on HBO, asking questions about his party affiliation while interrupting his responses, before finally resorting to using a fried chicken stereotype.

(Image: screenshot)

Maher confronted Hurd, who worked for the Central Intelligence Agency for nearly a decade, on why he continues to be a Republican and supports the “traitor,” President Trump.

“I’m a Republican because I believe in limited government,” Hurd replied, prompting Maher to counter that the GOP is not a proponent of smaller government.

“But they don’t do that,” the HBO host interjected.

“I’m a Republican because I believe in the rule of law. I’m a Republican because I believe in economic opportunity,” Hurd tried to continue.

“They don’t do that either,” Maher shot back.

“I’m just asking why you’re a Republican?” he said. “Because they’re not good at the debt, that was their big thing. You said limited government, they don’t do that. They took over the Congress in 2011 and they raised the debt a trillion dollars a year. They’re not good at national defense—the president’s a traitor. What’s in it for you? What is in the Republican Party for you? You were in the CIA!”

“I was in the CIA for almost a decade,” Hurd replied. “I was the dude in the back alleys at four o’clock in the morning collecting intelligence on threats to the homeland.”

Maher’s attempted joke fell flat with his audience as his remarks caused an awkward moment in the segment.

“That’s where you’d collect it, huh? Wow. By the Popeyes Chicken?” he asked as his audience groaned.

The outcry on Twitter was swift and deservedly brutal.

Some came to Maher’s defense, however, claiming there was nothing offensive in what he said.

But in a day of political correctness that has made comedy a minefield, other Twitter users were not ready to give Maher a pass.

Frieda Powers


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