‘Seriously?’ Elizabeth Warren steps in it AGAIN, lectures about ‘two co-equal branches of gov’t’

Democrats seem to have a hard time with basic civics.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren discussed the government shutdown and other issues with CNN’s Anderson Cooper this week but her attempt to give him a lesson in “how the balance of power really works” was just embarrassing for an elected official.


“This is manufactured crisis and it’s starting to impose real pain. Real pain on families all across this country,” the Massachusetts Democrat and 2020 presidential hopeful said on the month-long government shutdown in an interview on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360.”

“The president’s party, though, controls the White House and the Senate. Democrats only control the House. Do you ever think, look, the realistic end game is that Republicans get two thirds of what they want and the Democrats have to settle for the shorter straw?” Cooper asked. “Is that how the balance of power really works?”

“Well, let’s talk about the balance of power,” Warren began. “There are two coequal branches of government. The President of the United States and the Congress.”

An audible sound of heads crashing to desks could be heard on social media.

Many were reminded of similar ignorance from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez last November when she flubbed the branches of government more than once and didn’t like being called out on it.

Twitter users noted the Democrats seemed challenged by basic social studies and saw the potential for a Warren ticket with Ocasio-Cortez.

Not surprisingly, there was no correction from Cooper.

Twitter users lamented the fact that Warren could be considered “presidential material.”

Frieda Powers


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