Jesse Watters on shutdown: Where’s the outrage when liberal policies put thousands of Americans out of work?

In a discussion on the partial government shutdown and who’s to blame, Fox News’ Jesse Watters called out the media for fixating on government workers who’ve been furloughed or left without a paycheck while ignoring the plight of American workers hurt by liberal policies.

The focus on unpaid federal workers is a large part of the Democratic Party narrative in the stalemate over funding a border wall, and while so many in the media are quick to blame President Donald Trump for not being willing to sign a spending bill without funding for border security, Watters noted there was no outrage when large numbers of Americans are put out of work by Democrats, citing the “war on coal” as one of several examples.

“We don’t hear the same concerns [in those cases],” Watters said Thursday on “The Five.”


He also pointed to a surprising NPR poll that shows President Trump has gained 19 points with Latino voters during the border wall shutdown.

“During this border wall shutdown, where he’s been going to the mattresses for more border security, his approval rating went from 31 percent among adult Latinos to 50 percent,” Watters said of the president.

Co-host Juan Williams countered that Watters is “cherry-picking,” claiming that the president is losing on the issue.

“Well, those cherry are delicious, Juan — you can’t have any,” Watter’s shot back.

“Everybody’s talking about these government workers that are out of work okay, and that’s definitely sad, but we don’t hear the same concern from the media when liberal policies put American workers out of work,” he added. The ‘War on Coal,’we don’t see these all these people saying, ‘Oh my gosh.'”

Coal was enemy #1 during the Obama administration, as the industry was strangled with burdensome environmental regulations.

“If someone wants to build a new coal-fired power plant they can, but it will bankrupt them because they will be charged a huge sum for all the greenhouse gas that’s being emitted,” then-candidate Obama said in 2008.

Thousands of miners deep in the heart of Appalachia’s coal country found themselves out of work during the Obama presidency.

Hillary Clinton actually campaigned in 2016 on her intentions to “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

Watters went on to include illegal aliens taking American jobs as another example of liberal policies hurting American worker, along with the decline in manufacturing jobs that negatively impacted workers.

“I just wish it was as balanced as it is today,” he said.

Tom Tillison


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