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NY Post touts actor who ‘uses fashion to fight Trump.’ Responses are worth the price of admission.

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A gay actor’s statement-making wardrobe earned a barrage of social media mockery after it was highlighted as an effort to fight President Donald Trump.

“Billy Porter is taking his resistance to the red carpet,” the New York Post’s Page Six noted in a story titled, “‘Pose’ star Billy Porter uses fashion to fight Trump.”

The article noted how the 49-year old actor “wants to use the red carpet as a platform for activism” and focused on the custom embroidered suit and cape from Randi Rahm that he showcased at the Golden Globes.

Porter’s stylist Sam Ratelle told Page Six that “every single time we work on something together, the first thing we do is think: What is the statement we’re making with this? What can people take away from this?”

While Porter’s fashion earned raves from his fans and the award show red carpet, the Page Six tweet touting the article and the Tony Award-winning actor sparked a hilarious chain of reaction on Twitter.

The idea that the Resistance could so easily remove Trump from office with just a fashion choice – albeit an eye-catching hot pink lined cape – prompted a hilarious response from Twitter users.

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