Trump base doesn’t really want the wall, says MSNBC’s Katy Tur. Conservative media’s the problem

donald trump visits the wall
President Trump has been trying to get the border wall built despite Democrat and media resistance.

MSNBC’s Trump-hating pundit Katy Tur claims it’s the conservative media — not President Trump’s base — that’s forcing him to follow through on his campaign promise to build a wall.

“By now it is a cliché: Donald Trump has to build the wall,” Tur said. “Without it, his base will flee, and his 2020 prospects will be doomed. What promise is bigger than his promise to build the wall?”

Tur then claimed that Trump supporters don’t care if the wall gets built. To buttress her claim, Katy referenced a chat she had with an anonymous Trump supporter back in 2016.

“There is one exchange I had with a man in Ohio in late-2016,” Tur chirped. “I asked this man, ‘Why do you support Donald Trump?’ Because he’s going to build a wall, he says. [I asked] What if he does not? [The man replied] ‘I trust his judgment.'”

So basically, Tur is promoting the false narrative that the border wall should not be built because Trump voters really don’t care about it. She based her conclusion on a chat she allegedly had with a random Trump supporter almost 3 years ago.


Tur continued: “In the eyes of Trump’s base, whatever Trump is doing is the right thing or he would not do it. It is just that simple.”

“Donald Trump’s base is not holding him to a wall. They never really did. The media has been holding Donald Trump to a wall — specifically the right-wing media that Donald Trump watches every hour of every day. The President doesn’t want that fight, as least not right now.”

Here is the problem for Trump: He’s supposed to be the guy that get things done. He’s the deal maker…He was the one going to break the [Washington DC] gridlock, make things happen and sure.

Trump can’t win in 2020 with just his diehards alone. He needs voters who are Trump-curious or frustrated with the status quo — the ones who wanted Donald Trump to get things done.

Are you still absolutely sure those voters are with you? That those margins — the ones that put you into office — are gonna hold?”

We know that Katy Tur is clueless about what Trump supporters want because she’s not one of them. The president’s supporters absolutely want a wall, and are holding him to it.

However, they are also understanding of the unprecedented obstructionism Trump has faced from the Democrats, the media, leftist mega-donors like George Soros, and RINOs in his own party.

Remember when Katy Tur’s estranged dad — transgender woman Zooey Tur — threatened to beat up Daily Wire editor Ben Shapiro (see video, starting at 2:07)?

Zooey Tur has said that her self-professed “Tolerant Liberal” daughter abandoned her when she came out as transgender. Wow, the hypocrisy.

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Trump supporters have cut him some slack because they know what he’s up against. That does not mean they gave up on the wall.

The president is basically fighting for American sovereignty and national security all by himself in the Washington swamp.

Trump’s base wants the wall — because the border crisis isn’t going away simply because Democrats and the media insist it doesn’t exist.

Build the wall in honor of these Americans, who were senselessly murdered by illegal aliens.

“Build that wall!”

The American people have spoken. Congress, do your job!

Samantha Chang


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