‘Buy a Brick, Build a Wall’: GOP lawmaker reintroduces bill that would allow private donations to fund the wall


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An Ohio Congressman has reintroduced a bill that would allow a border wall to be funded by private contributions.

The “Buy a Brick, Build a Wall Act,” introduced as HR32 by Republican Rep. Warren Davidson, was originally proposed in November but was reintroduced on Thursday and now faces a dim future in a Democrat controlled House.

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“Millions of Americans agree and want to chip in to help secure our borders,” the former Army Ranger tweeted, touting the legislation which directs the Treasury Department to establish a fund that would allow private citizens to contribute.

Davidson tagged triple-amputee and veteran Brian Kolfage who started a GoFundMe page to fund the wall which has raised nearly $19 million in less than three weeks.

As the partial government shutdown continues, there seems to be no compromise in sight with President Trump demanding that any spending legislation include $5 billion for a border wall while Democrats, recharged with newly elected Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi refusing to give in to any funding of the border wall.

“Open border radicals make our country less safe for families everywhere. Last year, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) seized 2,379 pounds of fentanyl and 6,967 pounds of heroin – drugs that would otherwise have made their way to Ohio streets for sale. This bill creates a way for our citizens to pitch in and help efforts to secure the border, support President Trump’s commitment to build the wall, and keep future generations safe,” Davidson said, according to his website.

Funds raised in the proposed plan would be deposited in a Border Wall Trust Fund and then used “for planning, designing, constructing and maintaining a barrier along the border between the United States and Mexico.”

Conservative Rep. Jim Jordan threw his support behind his Ohio colleague on Thursday, tweeting “we need to pass” Davidson’s bill.

Some were not on board with Davidson’s idea.

But others cheered the plan.

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