Parkland father goes off on Trump, accuses him of putting the Obamas in danger. But, did he?

No one can know the pain a parent experiences when their child is taken from them in their prime by a crazed gunman looking to cause havoc, and the grieving process can entail many things.

Those who experience such a tragedy, people like Fred Guttenberg, whose 14-year-old daughter, Jaime, was one of the students killed in Parkland, Florida, deserve our sympathy.

But the compassion becomes harder to summon when individuals so strongly inject themselves into the political arena, as Guttenberg did in attacking President Donald Trump over a tweet calling attention to what the president called a “wall” around the Obamas new Washington, D.C. home — turns out, it’s not so much a wall as a gated fence, but it was enough of a difference for the media to label the assertion as being false.

But Guttenberg went even further, calling President Trump a “f–ng lunatic,” claiming he was putting the Obamas at risk.

“You f–ng lunatic. Are you seriously trying to put our former President at risk?” Guttenberg tweeted.

Trump pointed to the barrier around the Obama home while advocating for funding to finish building a wall along the southern border.

Guttenberg is a strong gun control advocate and has proven to be very partisan as seen when he injected himself into the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing fiasco.

The father criticized Kavanaugh for not shaking his hand when he suddenly approached the judge at the hearing. To be fair, Kavanaugh had no idea if Guttenberg was really who he said he was.

As for Trump putting the Obamas at risk, aside from their Secret Service protection, it’s well known that the former president and his family reside in Washington and the location of the home, of which Trump made no reference, is no secret.

All of which prompts one to ask, just how did Trump put the Obamas at risk?

Tom Tillison


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