Former Dem candidate starts firestorm, equates Trump-loving troops to ‘white supremacy’


The left’s hatred of President Donald Trump has reached such an unhealthy point in America that even a surprise Christmas visit to the troops serves as fodder to attack Trump, and if that means smearing the brave men and women who sacrifice all to protect us, then so be it.

Pam Keith, a two-time failed Democrat candidate from Florida who has run for both the House and Senate, took to social media in response to the president visiting the troops in Iraq to accuse the U.S. military of openly embracing white supremacy.

Keith, a Navy veteran, linked to a CNN article on the president’s visit, tweeting that her “stomach turns” at the sight of soldiers rallying around the commander in chief — who happens to be a white Republican.

“My stomach turns at the open politicizing of our troops,” the zealot tweeted. “How does a unit fight together and serve each other when its members openly embrace the white supremacy of Trumpism?”

The Democratic Party’s prescribed narrative is that Trump is a racist and those who support him, to include members of the military, are also racists.

As seen in the responses to Keith’s tweet, her liberal followers were just as quick to label members of the military as white supremacists.

While some talk about pulling support for the troops, others advocated for punitive measures to be taken against the troops:

The unhinged behavior prompted one follower to warn that the country “will be under dictatorship soon” because of Trump, which resulted in a social media user suggesting this person have a Snickers.

Not that there wasn’t push back to Keith’s despicable smear of the troops, with a few reminders of how other president’s enjoyed a similar experience:

Tom Tillison


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