Did you hear? GOP wants to ‘take healthcare from sick people because a black president gave it to them’

Democrats have no shame when it comes to playing the race card, especially when they are losing the argument, but Hillary Clinton sycophant Peter Daou is testing the limits here with a claim that Republicans who oppose Obamacare are motivated by racism.

According to a tweet from Daou, who was once labeled “quite possibly the weirdest man alive,” the GOP hates that a black president “gave” the American people health care.

“Imagine being a political party whose burning mission is to take health care away from sick peoole because a black president gave it to them,” he tweeted.

Of course, the tweet may have more to do with defending the shaky legacy of former President Barack Obama that it does with Obama’s signature achievement, the failed Affordable Care Act.

Daou’s racism charge came after Friday’s ruling by a federal judge in Texas declaring Obamacare unconstitutional — the decision coming on the eve of this year’s sign-up deadline.


But then, Alex Nichols, a contributing writer for The Outline who tagged Daou as “the weirdest man alive,” seemed to sum things up well in commenting on the Verrit.com co-founder’s uncanny ability to fail upward.

“Daou is a case study in the conditions that tend to plague ambitious, irrelevant men who do not know when it’s their time to step aside — in short, he’s everything wrong with liberals today,” Nichol’s wrote.

Of all the responses to Daou’s tweet, this one may be top the list:

In the mother of all ironies, the day after a judge ruled that Obamacare was “invalid,” the law’s namesake, the man who promised that “if you like the doctor you have, you can keep your doctor,” took to Twitter to remind folks of the deadline.


Obama also reassured them that for now, nothing changes — while STILL trying to sell the failed health care law’s virtues!

Needless to say, social media wasn’t kind to Daou or Obama.

Tom Tillison


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