Ocasio-Cortez drives Republicans crazy because … ‘sexism and racism,’ says Nate Silver. Heads explode.

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Nate Silver’s hot take on why he thinks Republicans criticize incoming Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez so much backfired in a big way.

The FiveThirtyEight editor-in-chief tweeted his theory on what fuels the conservative critics of the New York Democrat, namely her “race and gender.” But Silver added to that premise with another that pointed to the self-described Democratic Socialist being “quintessentially a New Yorker,” a trait that puts her at odds with the “prudish” Washington, D.C political culture.

Never mind that Ocasio-Cortez has provided plenty of legitimate fodder for critics, with plenty of questionable inaccuracies in her public statements and tweets. The youngest women ever elected to Congress has been the talk of the town even before beginning her term, lashing out at critics on social media and even threatening President Donald Trump’s son with a subpoena after he mocked her.

Silver’s theory sparked instant backlash as Twitter users blasted him for living in a “bubble” and being the “most wrong anybody has been about US politics in a long time,” as the Washington Examiner’s Seth Mandel put it.

Someone did note that Silver’s argument could work in another context.

Silver attempted to clarify in a later tweet.

But his original assertion about Ocasio-Cortez continued to reverberate online.

Frieda Powers


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