‘Lying idiot’: Claire McCaskill mocks The Five’s ‘Animals are Great’ segment, Gutfeld tackles her for it

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld blasted Sen. Claire McCaskill as a “lying idiot” after she scoffed at an “animals are great” segment on “The Five.”

Gutfeld responded to the Missouri Democrat during Fox News’ “The Five” on Friday, calling her out for mocking him and his network.

McCaskill ridiculed Fox News and Gutfeld in a tweet on Thursday about their choice to run the lighthearted recurring segment while other networks presumably were covering the news that President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, had pleaded guilty to lying to Congress.

Included in her tweet were apparently photos of CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News coverage during what she said was the 6:00 hour on the east coast. But the image of Fox News was from “The Five,” which airs at 5:00 pm eastern.

Gutfeld accused McCaskill, who lost her bid for reelection and will end her ten-year career in the Senate in January,  of trying to “trick people.”

“But you know who also tried to trick people was Claire McCaskill,” Gutfeld said. “Did you know what she did? She tweeted three segments from CNN, MSNBC and Fox News, showing coverage, of I guess, of the Mueller probe, and they showed ‘animals are great,’ with the idea that that’s what we were covering. Instead, the fact that we led the show yesterday on the Mueller probe, and that Claire McCaskill is, in fact, a lying idiot.”

“You know what, Claire? Animals are great,” co-host Jesse Watters said, laughing.

In fact, the “animals are great” segment in question came at the end of Fox News’ 5 p.m. show on Thursday, well after the opening segment that focused on news of Robert Mueller’s investigation and the reports about Cohen. And at the 6 pm eastern time slot, Fox News aired “Special Report With Bret Baier” which also covered the Mueller probe and Cohen’s plea agreement.

Gutfeld added to his on-air rebuke with a tweet calling the Democrat a “loser.”

Jedediah Bila, who at times sits in as a guest host of “The Five,” addressed McCaskill in her own tweet, inviting the Democrat to watch the show sometime.

Twitter users agreed with Gutfeld and many noted that the outgoing McCaskill will probably have plenty of time soon to watch “The Five.”

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