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Another nothing-burger? Catherine Herridge breaks down Michael Cohen’s guilty plea ‘bombshell’

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Early Thursday morning word broke that President Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen had pleaded guilty to lying to Congress during its investigation into possible Russian collusion.

Following the announcement, the perpetually hysterical left broke into cheers of gleeful applause over the belief that the president would soon be the next one to be indicted.

Here’s just a small sample of the left’s unrestrained glee:

Except that all of this has nothing to do with Trump’s presidency and Russian collusion, let alone his successful presidential campaign. Instead, they pertain to an effort by the president to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. Cohen led those efforts.

“Mr. Cohen asked for and received Mr. Trump’s signature on a nonbinding letter of intent for the project in October 2015,” The Wall Street Journal notes, adding that the efforts incidentally began a few months after Trump began running for the presidency.

“Both Mr. Cohen and another Trump associate … said in emails obtained by investigators that they planned to enlist top Russian officials’ help for the project. In January 2016, Mr. Cohen sought help from Mr. Putin’s top press official in arranging the deal.”

During meetings with the House and Senate Intelligence Committees a year later, Cohen lied about the specific timing and extent of these communications with Russian officials.

According to Fox News chief Intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge, it’s this lie that Cohen copped to Thursday morning. Nothing more, nothing less.

Listen to her reporting below:

More importantly, she highlighted a statement made by Cohen in which he admitted that not only did the real estate project deal have nothing to do with the campaign, but that it was ultimately cancelled.

“The Trump Tower Moscow proposal was not related in any way to Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign,” he said, according to Herridge. “Moreover, the proposal had nothing to do with any alleged collusion with Russia regarding the U.S. presidential election.”

“Both I and the Trump Organization were evaluating this proposal and many others from solely a business standpoint and rejected going forward on that basis,” he concluded.

What does this mean?

“At the end of the day, the consistent fact is that the deal didn’t go through and nobody traveled to Moscow,” Herridge herself explained, thus ruining the left’s anti-Trump parade.

Listen to the rest of her reporting below:

Besides souring the left’s anti-Trump party, this revelation has only served to further cement the belief by a growing number of Americans, including the president, that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is and has always been a meaningless witch hunt.


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