MSNBC slammed when panel ‘jokes’ about Republicans committing ‘suicide’ to distance from Trump

An MSNBC contributor made an outrageous attempt at a joke about Republicans committing suicide due to polarization caused by President Donald Trump.

Left-wing radio show host, Sam Seder, joined MSNBC host Chris Hayes on Monday in discussing the GOP’s future with Trump in the face of “political peril.”


Earlier on MSNBC’s “All In,” Rep. Jim Himes had argued that potentially negative fallout from special counsel  Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation could lead to GOP leaders like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell distancing themselves from the president.

“I think the Himes calculation is correct, right? They will abandon him if and when it’s political peril,” host Chris Hayes asked Seder and Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin. “The question is at what point that would be the case. Again, they’re underwater.”

“When you look at the map, right? You look at where Trump went into those red states and he helped,” Seder replied. “The problem is that the polarization is such that suicide may be the only option for a lot of these people. Honestly.”

Hayes found the remark rather funny.

“We’re watching it happen in slow motion,” he interjected.

“We’re looking at national numbers, but knowing that the president is elected on a national level, they are elected in their very red state or they are elected in their very red district,” Seder added.

Hayes agreed, noting how nearly 40 Republicans were “purged” in midterm elections.

Seder’s comments drew backlash online for being insensitive, though some tried to argue that he was speaking metaphorically.

Twitter users called out the ongoing hypocrisy of the left.

Frieda Powers


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