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ThinkProgress sparks hours of entertainment after comparing romaine lettuce to guns

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Perhaps no further evidence is needed for the left’s illogical aversion to the Second Amendment than a recent tweet by ThinkProgress.

The political news blog and project of the Center for American Progress published an article Friday comparing guns to… romaine lettuce.

“On Thanksgiving Day 2018, Americans couldn’t buy romaine lettuce because of a CDC recall linked to an E. Coli outbreak. But even though gun violence is so mundane that a shooting at a mall in Alabama Thursday evening barely made national news, guns were still freely available at stores like Walmart across the country,” Ryan Koronoswki wrote.

He cited the food safety alert issued by the Centers for Disease Control on Tuesday before launching into statistics on gun violence.

“Food safety is certainly an important thing to get right, but the number of Americans who die from foodborne illness every year — 3,000 according to the CDC — is dwarfed by the 30,000-plus annual fatalities caused by guns in America,” he wrote.

“There is no constitutional protection for any vegetable, much less lettuce,” Koronowski went on and later noted that “pathogens like E. coli, however, face no such resistance,” comparing the stand by the “gun industry and their conservative allies in government.”

New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor called out the ThinkProgress post as the “dumbest tweet ever.”

But Thor’s reaction was only one of many hilarious takes on the ridiculous comparison of guns and a vegetable.

Frieda Powers


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