Shannon Bream response to mean girl Twitter troll who addressed her as ‘Barbie’ is priceless

Fox News Channel’s Shannon Bream shut down hypocritical liberals who thought to “insult” her with a comparison to Barbie.

The Fox News anchor called out trolls who regularly bash the network’s accomplished female journalists as mindless Barbie dolls who are all looks and no brains.

(Image: screengrab)

Bream had responded to a tweet about her comments on former President Obama being critical of the U.S. Supreme Court when another Twitter user chimed in, calling Bream “Barbie.” Even more worthy of an eye roll than the intended insult was the fact that the person tweeting was a woman.

Bream dropped an explosive reality check on Halli Casser-Jayne, who is herself an author, blogger and talk show host.

The 47-year-old Fox News anchor may not have Barbie’s resume but she is an accomplished talent on her own. The Florida native and Liberty University graduate was a semi-finalist in the 1991 Miss America pageant and changed from a law career to a career in television news. She currently anchors the prime time news program, “Fox News @ Night.”

Twitter users applauded Bream’s classy take down on Twitter.

And they came to her defense against the left’s blatant double standards.

Frieda Powers


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