Weather Channel reporter’s PC snowman fires up the internet: ‘Sing with me ….Frosty the Snowperson …..’

Frosty the snowperson?

A traditional snow creation and symbol of winter fun has officially become a victim of political correctness.

The Weather Channel’s Matt Seidel dealt the blow in a tweet from Nashua, New Hampshire on Tuesday, sharing a photo of a snowman sporting a Weather Channel sign.

“1st snowperson of the season and the 2nd snowfall in less than a week in Nashua, NH,” the meteorologist and field reporter wrote in the caption.

He thanked Weather Channel multimedia journalist Matt Saffer “for the eyes, nose, etc.”

A collective face-palm swept over Twitter.

Similar reactions came in as the BBC was mocked earlier this month when it aired a children’s cartoon with a “snowperson.”

Actor William Shatner summed up the ridiculousness.

Seidel’s 2.6 million Twitter followers may never know if the meteorologist was joking or not, but the mockery of his politically correct tweet was highly entertaining.

Frieda Powers


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