‘They could’ve listened to his rallies’: Hannity mocks NY Times ‘bombshell’ report on Trump

Fox News host Sean Hannity was enjoying himself on Tuesday’s show as he mocked The New York Times for its “bombshell” report that President Donald Trump wanted the Justice Department to prosecute Hillary Clinton and James Comey.

“Does that sound like breaking news to you?” Hannity asked his 3 million or so viewers.

“Because, it isn’t, it shouldn’t and because we know how the president feels about Hillary and Comey,” he continued. “And we know Hillary committed crimes, it’s not even in dispute.”

Citing the customary anonymous sources, The Times reported that the president wanted to order the DOJ to prosecute the political adversaries and that White House counsel Don McGahn rebuffed the idea.

The lawyer reportedly told Trump that he had no authority to order the prosecution and if he did request an investigation it could prompt accusations of abuse of power that may lead to impeachment.

Not only did Hannity mock The Times, he also took a jab at rivals CNN and MSNBC.

“Of course, the anti-Trump haters over on conspiracy TV MSNBC and fake news CNN acting like they found it, they have been looking for two years and now they’ve found it,” he said.

“Maybe they could have listened to his rallies that they wouldn’t cover, when [rally goers] were yelling ‘CNN sucks’ and ‘Lock her up,” Hannity said.

The Times article claimed that Trump views the Justice Department “as a tool to be wielded against his political enemies,” an assertion that never seemed to cross their mind during the eight years under Barack Obama.

Hannity ran a montage of the anti-Trump cabal on cabal news responding to the story as if the president had committed some mortal sin.

“He never did anything,” Hannity exclaimed. “Never, ever. It’s a phony story. Fake news.”

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