‘Let’s choose our words carefully … I’ve literally been attacked’: Dan Crenshaw to CBS panel whining about Trump ‘attacking’ press

Newly elected Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw admonished a CBS News panel to choose words “carefully” when discussing President Donald Trump.

The former Navy SEAL, who lost an eye in combat while serving in Afghanistan, warned the “Face the Nation” panel on Sunday that they should think before throwing out the word “attack” to describe Trump’s treatment of the press.

“I would argue that our president is consistently disruptive,” Democratic Rep.-elect Chrissy Houlahan of Pennsylvania said. “And I would argue that he treats [the press] with disrespect.”

“But how is that an attack on the press though?” Crenshaw interjected.

“Because it’s literally an attack on the press,” Houlahan replied.

“Oh, I’ve literally been attacked. So, let’s choose our words carefully,” the Texas Representative-elect fired back, referring to the combat injury he sustained that forces him to wear an eyepatch.

“His language is an attack,” Houlahan added.

Crenshaw made another call for civility recently and advocated for the respectful treatment of veterans following a “Saturday Night Live” segment mocking him. The Texas Republican appeared on the show a week after the segment to accept an apology from comedian Pete Davidson.

“So why is he not allowed to use his own language and freedom of speech?” Crenshaw pressed, responding to Houlahan’s comments during the CBS panel discussion.

“It’s important that we lead by example, that we lead from the top,” the Pennsylavia Democrat replied.

“I agree with you there. Style is one thing. If you want to criticize style, I’m with you. But to say it’s an attack on the freedom of the press, that’s a very bold statement,” Crenshaw said.

“By calling the press the enemy of the people?” she asked, referring to Trump’s often stated criticism about the media.

“I don’t like that language,” Crenshaw emphatically said, as he went on to rebut more misrepresentation of the president when Democratic Rep.-elect Deb Haaland of New Mexico brought up Trump’s “rhetoric about erasing trans-people in our country.”

“He’s never said that,” the veteran interjected, shaking his head at the absurdity of the statement.

The panel discussion about Trump’s treatment of the press came on the heels of last week’s order by a federal judge that the White House re-instate Jim Acosta’s press credentials after they were suspended following a tense exchange between the CNN correspondent and Trump during a press conference.

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