‘Hyper-liberal’ Disney crosses line with new feminist #MeToo-era ‘princess’ and it’s angering parents

The hyper-forms of feminism that have taken root in society are now showing up in Disney cartoons, as princesses reject the patriarchy of Prince Charming.

With liberal cartoonists taking their roles a little too serious, Kathy Barnett, a mother of two, appeared on “Fox & Friends” to discuss Disney’s new 3D computer-animated film, “Ralph Breaks The Internet,” which features modern independent princesses — like Vanellope von Schweetz, a “razor-tongued” princess billed as Disney’s first Jewish princess by Sarah Silverman, the vile liberal comedian who (appropriately?) does the character’s voice over.

“I think it’s fair to say that the Disney of today is not the Disney you and I grew up with,” Barnett told host Jedediah Bila. “And many of us tune into these lighthearted forms of entertainment for that very reason. They’re lighthearted, they’re not meant to be so heavy.”

The conservative radio show host said Disney and other large corporations forget that “my child already has a parent.”

“My child does not need them, nor do we look to them to parent our child,” Barnett said.

In the age of the #MeToo movement, Bila noted that some people say cartoons should evolve and change to address issues in society.

“What about people who say it would be great if these cartoons reflected that, so young girls would learn they don’t need a Prince Charming to come rescue them?” she asked.

Barnett responded by reinforcing Bila’s earlier point about watching Disney cartoons while growing up and still becoming “a strong, confident and intelligent woman.”

“Again, I am my daughter’s role model, not Belle,” Barnett said. “As much as I love Belle in “Beauty and The Beast.” And, of course, we get that companies want to stay relevant, they want to be able to evolve.”

“But I would suggest that Disney step a little bit further outside of their hyper-liberal bubble and begin to take a look at the fabric of America,” she added. “There are many mothers who reject the weaponization of the #MeToo movement as we’ve seen it in this past political process.”

Barnett took it further, suggesting Walt Disney himself would have a problem with cartoons being politicized.

“There are many mothers who reject today’s form of feminism that says believe the women irrespective of facts and logic,” she said. “So again, I would suggest — I understand we want to evolve, we want to do all of that, but I think even Walt Disney would have a problem with the production that we’re getting out of Disney these days.”

Tom Tillison


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