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Geraldo Rivera defends migrant caravans waving own countries’ flags as they flood US border

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Liberal Fox News pundit Geraldo Rivera said President Trump and other Americans are being too harsh in their skepticism of the migrant caravans of illegals defiantly waving their own nations’ flags while stampeding the US border.

Many pointed out that the gesture is one that an invading army would make — and not the conciliatory posture one expects from refugees desperate to flee their oppressive countries.

“You’re being way too harsh,” Rivera told Fox & Friends. “These are very unsophisticated people. They are an uneducated group. They cling to some symbols of stability in their lives. All they want to do is feed their children.” (Yeah, that’s what Americans want too — without having to subsidize illegals.)


Gee — a mass horde of uneducated, poor people flooding the United States? That sounds like a recipe for how to destroy a first-world country and a thriving economy.

Geraldo was reacting to President Trump’s observation that the caravans of migrants are not refugees with legitimate claims of asylum, but are merely opportunists hoping to enter the US illegally.

As BizPac Review reported, most of the migrants refused offers of asylum and employment in Mexico, saying they want to come to the US.

Oh! By the way, child smugglers, MS-13 gang members, and potential terrorists have also infiltrated the caravans.

Remember when Democrats opposed illegal immigration? But now it’s “racist.”

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President Trump said: “They come up and they are talking about all their great fear [they feel in their own countries], all their problems with their countries — but they are all waving their countries’ flags. What is that all about?”

“If they have such fear and such problems and they hate their countries, why do we see all the flags being waved — for Guatemala, for Honduras, for El Salvador? We are seeing these flags all over the place. Why are they waving those flags?”

President Trump reasoned: “This has nothing to do with asylum. This has to do with getting into our country illegally. And we have to know who wants to come into our country.”

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Geraldo, tell us more about how illegals “deserve the American Dream.”

“We don’t want them here, Geraldo!”


Remember this?


Even Mexican authorities are complaining about the crime and chaos caused by the caravans.


Samantha Chang


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