Pelosi flubs victory speech. President Trump calls her to congratulate, tho red wall stopped big blue wave

The media-hyped Democrat “Blue Wave” melted into a trickle after the GOP base barnstormed the polls amid anger over the mistreatment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh and escalating concerns over illegal immigration.

While Democrats won control of the House of Representatives, Republicans retained control of the Senate, and even gained some seats — bucking longstanding historical trends.


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi delivered a victory speech on election night even though many Democrats have openly called for her to step down.

In true Pelosi fashion, the California Congresswoman made a hilarious gaffe, when she cheerleaded for “pre-existing medical conditions” while making a pitch for the flailing Obamacare.

Pelosi shouted with her fist raised: “Let’s hear it for pre-existing medical conditions!”

President Trump called Nancy Pelosi to congratulate her on the Democratic House majority, her rep tweeted.

President Trump said election night was a victory for Republicans because they held onto the Senate and lost fewer House seats than previous administrations did during their midterms.

Midterm elections: Most House seats lost by a sitting President’s party in power since 1946 (data from New York Times):

  • 2010 Obama: -63
  • 1994 Clinton: -52
  • 1958: Eisenhower: -48
  • 1974 Ford (Nixon): -48
  • 1966 Johnson: -47
  • 1946 Truman: -45
  • 2006 Bush: -30
  • 1950 Truman: -29
  • 1982 Reagan: -26
  • 2018 Trump: -26

While triggered liberals mocked President Trump for declaring victory, here’s a history lesson:

Where’s that “Blue Wave” again?

The “Kavanaugh Effect” was real.

Thanks Obama!

The GOP Twitter account trolled Democrats. “This is not a Blue Wave.”

Keith Ellison’s Congressional seat won by pro-sharia Muslim who married her own brother

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