Fresh off an explosive smackdown of Jim Acosta, Trump scolds April Ryan. ‘Sit down! I didn’t call on you!’

President Donald Trump faced what came awfully close to a full media revolt at a news conference Wednesday.

After getting into an intense exchange with CNN correspondent Jim Acosta, who was challenging the president’s authority in conducting a news conference, National Urban Radio Network White House correspondent April Ryan stood up without being called on and began calling out a question.

Trump told Ryan, who did not have a microphone, to “sit down” and calls on Daily Caller correspondent Saagar Enjeti, but Ryan, a CNN contributor, defiantly continued to interrupt.

“Sit down. I didn’t call on you,” Trump tells the reporter again as she yells her question across the room.

“Excuse me, I’m not responding,” he tells her. “I’m talking to this gentleman, will you please sit down.”

Enjeti attempts to ask his question, but Ryan is still going on.

“It’s such a hostile media, it’s so sad,” Trump interjects, telling Ryan, “No, you rudely interrupted him [Enjeti].”

The president addressed the behavior of some of the reporters later in the news conference.

“The election is over… but then I see the hostility of questions in the room,” Trump said. “I come in here as a nice person wanting to answer questions and I have people jumping out of their seats screaming questions at me.”

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