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‘WHY?’ Chelsea Handler stuns for all the wrong reasons, posts topless video plea to urge voting

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Clueless liberals seem to have run out of ideas.

Chelsea Handler decided the best way to encourage voters to hit the polls Tuesday was to go topless.

The Trump-bashing comedian joined her hypocritical liberal cohorts in lecturing Americans about the importance of voting in this highly charged midterm election. And Handler thought a nearly naked appeal would be the best way to inspire voters.

“You have to vote like your life depends on it! Vote!” Handler said in her underwear, covering her bare chest with her hand.

She proceeded to name off several candidates’ campaign headquarters she would be visiting.

Naturally the left applauds antics like Handler’s which they believe is empowering while the rest of society with any standards say it borders on voter suppression.

Apparently Democrat women believe stripping is a sure-fire way to win an election. Last week, a group of women in Vermont pulled off a get-out-the-vote stunt completely naked – with strategically placed signs.

Liberals who bemoan being objectified, complain about sexual harassment and feel disrespected have no problem, apparently, with using their bodies to urge America to vote.

If the reactions on social media are any indication, it seems Handler’s video appeal may just backfire after all.

Frieda Powers


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