MSBNC’s Tur tries to tout neutrality, tells ‘snickering’ anti-Trump liberals ‘we’re not your safe space’

In what served as an attempt to show a balance in her reporting, reporter Katy Tur interviewed/lectured Trump supporters, before telling MSNBC’s liberal viewers who may be”snickering” at these people that the network is not their “safe space.”

Tur informed a supporter that President Donald Trump said recently that he tries to tell the truth, saying “he’s admitting he doesn’t tell the truth a lot,” before asking, “Do you mind that he’s not honest?”


Another supporter noted how over 90 percent of the coverage of Trump is negative, which prompted Tur to say “it’s not our job to be a PR person for any politician….if you think the truth is negative, that’s not our fault.”

In effect, she’s saying those who don’t agree with the liberal media’s reporting have a perception problem.

“If you’re leaning 90 percent one way, how can it be the truth? It can’t be,” the man countered.

Tur was adamant that they report the “facts” and that the man is simply misreading them.

“But that’s the way you read the facts. If you read the facts as negative, then maybe you should take issue with the problems,” she said.

Her questions were designed to make the Trump supporters look uninformed and she seized on the man saying he gets his news from Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have a problem. As Americans, we cannot have our own facts. We can’t just watch one channel because we like what they say,” she lectured.

And this is when she tried to cast MSNBC as a neutral source — by rebuking liberal viewers who take issue with her reporting on the stupidity on the right.

“I can almost feel a lot of you snickering at home, snickering at those two Trump supporters, but I will tell you, it is not just Trump supporters who retreat into their own echo chambers,” she said. “Every time I have a Republican on this show, I get a flood of angry tweets, ‘How dare you put on a Republican, they’re all liars.'”

She noted that someone on Twitter called MSNBC “my safe space.”

“Public service announcement, we are not your safe space,” Tur said. “We are a news organization. We bring you the news. News comes from both sides. Opinions, even if you hate them, come from both sides. Yes, a journalist’s job is to find facts, but it is also our job to shed a light on what is happening in the country, what’s happening in our communities. Shed a light on what people are saying and thinking, what motivates them, even if you disagree with them.

“The news should make you uncomfortable. If everything you read or watch gives you comfort, you’re doing it wrong.”

Interestingly, Tur based her position on facts on “53,000 votes that are on hold right now,” The Washington Free Beacon reported.

“Although there are no such votes being “held,” the website reported. “She was apparently referencing 53,000 voter registrations currently deemed ‘pending’ by the state of Georgia, but eligible voters with pending status can still cast regular votes if they bring identification to the polls.”


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