‘Really dude’? Howard Dean in hot seat for claiming synagogue shooting ‘energized Democrats’

Former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean was torched for his insensitive claim that the horrific massacre at a Pittsburgh synagogue has “energized” Democrats ahead of elections.

The former Vermont governor responded to “Morning Joe” host Mika Brzezinski’s question Thursday, “how are the Democrats doing?” ahead of the upcoming midterm election on Tuesday.

“Well, it’s very interesting,” Dean replied, “this is almost an impossible election to predict, because all the races, there’s 80 races or whatever they are that are swing races, an awful lot of them are three-point rates either way, so it’s really hard–”

Brzezinski interjected to ask if he this surprised him.

“The Democrats are basically trying to basically run against a president who has a very powerful message of hate, basically, which can be effective at times like this when the nation has been turned upside down–by this president,” Dean responded.

“So I’m pretty optimistic, actually. Because these kinds of elections are usually determined in the last three days, which the pollsters can’t pick up,” he added.

“I do think there is a tendency towards voting Democratic,” Dean continued. “And I think Democrats are a lot more energized, particularly, I hate to say this, after the shootings in Pittsburgh which, where Trump really showed his true colors, and then went right back to demonizing Jews shortly after the shooting.”

“It’s, fairly difficult to watch,” Brzezinski agreed, not calling the Democrat out on his rhetoric.

But that didn’t mean that Dean got away with his comment, as Twitter immediately unloaded on him.

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