‘Hell of a night’: Trump fan has a special ‘moment’ with Jim Acosta at Florida rally

CNN’s Jim Acosta “had a moment” with one of President Donald Trump’s supporters at a rally in Florida.

But unlike his past encounters at one of the president’s rousing events, the CNN correspondent was not booed or called names. Instead he was offered an apology.

A man named Merlin, wearing a red Make America Great Again hat, approached Acosta after the Fort Myers rally on Wednesday and told him he had something to say.

“I just wanted to apologize for flipping you off in Tampa,” he said, referring to another Florida city Trump rally earlier this year.

“I got carried away. I was asking for facts and not opinions,” he continued.

“That’s all we want,” a woman named Eileen, who stood beside him in a USA hat, interjected.

“I did get carried away so I just wanted to apologize,” Merlin said as Acosta, off camera could be heard saying “thank you.”

“Thank you very much. I accept your apology and I hope I get to see you again,” Acosta replied.

“Yep, absolutely,” the man replied as he walked away.

Acosta earlier had tweeted that the president again referred to the press as “the enemy of the people” at Wednesday’s event.

Acosta had shared footage from the Tampa rally which was held on July 31. The moment Merlin flipped off the CNN reporter can be seen at 10 seconds and again at 25 seconds into the video.

CNN’s chief White House correspondent apparently does enjoy engaging with Trump supporters though, despite the hostilities.

“It gives them a chance to get things off their chests. But I also get an opportunity to let them hear directly from me,” he told the Washington Post last month. “I don’t have any hard evidence that I’ve changed any minds. But I do, from time to time, hear from supporters who tell me they don’t think we’re the enemy of the people. . . . My parents were blue-collar. So I can relate to a lot of these folks.”

Acosta tweeted out the video of the apology Wednesday and said of the encounter with the Trump supporter: “We had a moment.”

Twitter users weighed in on the moment, with many convinced this would not be the scene if the tables were turned.

Frieda Powers


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