‘WTH is this?!’ CNN feels major heat for publishing ‘non-Americans’ guide to midterm elections’

CNN’s latest effort at activism instead of journalism sparked a collective eye roll – and backlash – on social media.

Thousands of migrants from South and Central America are making their way to the US border. Many believe the Democrats favor their arrival in hopes they will become Democrat voters. Image: YouTube Fox News.

The network was raked over the coals after someone decided that releasing a guide to the midterm elections was a great idea – except it was geared to informing the “non-American.”

“Millions of voters will soon go to the polls across the US, but they won’t be picking a president. The impact of the midterm elections, however, could be almost as significant,” the piece by Doug Criss read.

“President Donald Trump isn’t on the ballot, but the results will be a referendum on the polarizing US leader, his policies and the Republican politicians who have tied their fortunes to his,” it continued, as it broke down the riveting questions every “non-American” must be asking.

Topics were covered such as “What are the US midterm elections?”, “What does this mean for the rest of the world?” and “Why so much interest in an election that doesn’t involve picking a president?” which was answered so eloquently:

There’s a lot at stake for President Trump. The party that ends up in control of Congress can make the President’s life a breeze or a nightmare during the last two years of his term.

Under the topic “Which political parties are involved?” the response was simply: “Officially, a bunch of them, but really in America, every election comes down to a battle royale between just two parties: the Democrats and the Republicans.”

“The non-American’s guide to the midterm elections – (And a refresher for the rest of you)” was received about as well as expected on Twitter.

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