‘It’s the weirdest thing’: Claire McCaskill is seriously perplexed over why voters don’t like career politicians

Sen. Claire McCaskill seems perplexed over why voters dislike career politicians. So much so, the Missouri Democrat called it “the weirdest thing.”

Locked in a razor-thin race with her GOP opponent, Attorney General Josh Hawley, who is poised to unseat the incumbent, McCaskill offered the observation during a campaign stop in Cape Girardeau.

“This is the weirdest thing — every line of work in the world, if you’ve got experience and you’ve learned a lot through your experience, and you’ve been promoted by your bosses, that’s considered a really good thing — except in government,” she said.

“Now, if you have experience it’s a negative thing!” McCaskill further complained.

The term-term senator then equated being a swanky lawmaker to being a surgeon.

“I like to make the joke, can you imagine if they were rolling you into the surgery, and the nurse leaned down and said ‘I’ve got really good news for you, this surgeon has never done this before,”” McCaskill said.

So hard up for votes, McCaskill is not distancing herself from fellow Democrats in the U.S. Senate.

Comically, when pressed by Fox News’ Brett Baer about a campaign as that says she’s “not one of those crazy Democrats,” being asked if there are crazy Democrats in the Senate, McCaskill threw out two names.

“Well I would say this, I would not call my colleagues crazy but [Sen.] Elizabeth Warren sure went after me when I advocated to lean back some of the regulations for small banks and and credit unions,” she said. “I certainly disagree with [Sen.] Bernie Sanders on a bunch of stuff.”

The only problem here is that there’s a huge disparity in her remarks, considering a history of accepting PAC money or asking for their support.

More from Fox News:

But McCaskill’s newfound opposition to Sanders and Warren – whom she once called “strong, smart, and focused” – overlooks that she accepted Warren’s PAC money, let her send fundraising emails on her behalf, and pleaded help from “Bernie supporters.”

According to FEC records, Warren’s leadership PAC called “PAC for a Level Playing Field,” which raised nearly $600,000 this election cycle and spent $1.5 million, donated $10,000 in total to McCaskill’s campaign. The two donations – $5,000 each – were made in 2017.

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