Dem socialist candidate taken to woodshed for calling constituents ‘racist, white working-class poor folk’

Moving beyond former President Barack Obama’s subtle aspersions leveled against traditional Americans, today’s Democrats pull no punches.

Sara Innamorato, a democratic socialist who defeated incumbent Rep. Dom Costa in Pennsylvania’s Democratic primary, is feeling the heat after referring to constituents in the district as “white working class poor folk who are racist,” KDKA reported.

Innamorato is running unopposed, meaning her victory is all but assured — despite her aversion to white people.

“I just look at my district, right? And it’s 93 percent white,” Innamorato said during a Drinking Partners Podcast, according to KDKA. “My district, which I know is like white working-class poor folk who are racist, because it’s so much easier for them to look to their side and say, ‘I’m going to blame that person.’”

The remark was so over the top that even her Democratic rival denounced it.

“I find it appalling … they are not that type of people,” state Rep. Costa told KDKA.

On a positive note, voters could have an option at the polls, as a Republican in the district is pushing a bipartisan write-in campaign for Costa.

“We are not racist, and I don’t think we should send someone to Harrisburg that has that mindset that her constituents are racist,” Gary Britcher said.

With the election one week away, the upstart campaign has little chance of success.

Typical of today’s hard-left Democrat, Innamorato said in a carefully worded release that she did not “seek” to call the district’s resident’s racists.

“This was the topic of a nearly two-hour-long conversation about race and politics on the podcast, and in no way did I seek to imply that all of my neighbors are racist,” she said in the statement, according to KDKA. “Hate begets hate, understanding begets understanding. I’m willing to have a conversation with any of my future constituents about this topic of race, and I will do anything in my power to make sure that the 21st District and beyond is a welcoming place for all.”

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