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Ivanka Trump, whose children are Jewish, is attacked with vile partisan rancor for condemning shooting

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Our politics have become so infected with partisan rancor that even a heartfelt offer of condolence in the aftermath of yet another tragic shooting becomes fodder for an attack on those we disagree with.

First daughter Ivanka Trump, a converted Orthodox Jew, shared her condolences in the wake of Saturday’s shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue that claimed the lives of 11 people.

“America is stronger than the acts of a depraved bigot and anti-semite,” she tweeted. “All good Americans stand with the Jewish people to oppose acts of terror & share the horror, disgust & outrage over the massacre in Pittsburgh. We must unite against hatred & evil. God bless those affected.”

Simple enough, right? Not in post-Obama America.

Twitter has evolved into little more than a wasteland of toxic thought, so it’s not like expectations are that high but when the “blue check” crowd, the “upper crust” of the social media platform, sinks to  depraved levels, it still raised eyebrows.

Then again, media-fueled anti-Trump push back has become an industry all its own.

And Ivanka wasn’t the only Trump family member to be hit with unhinged reaction, as seen when CNN’s favorite “Republican,” Ana Navarro, blatantly disrespected first lady Melania Trump for calling for an end to the senseless violence in this country.

“Girl, u might wanna tell your husband to stop saying white-supremacists are, ‘good people’, to stop blowing dog-whistle by calling himself a ‘nationalist’, to stop lying & fanning hysteria re the migrant caravan, to stop leading chants against other Americans. …whatever,” Navarro tweeted.

Such a rude address toward former first lady Michelle Obama would have sent the media into a full scale meltdown.

And the replies to the president’s oldest daughter were on an even par, proving that “the left is irreparably damaged.”


Included among the responses was the never ending campaign by liberals to guilt Ivanka into turning on her own father:

Here’s a sampling of other responses from the so-called Twitter elite:


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