‘Anyone who has ever said anything about George Soros has blood on their hands,’ says GQ writer

Talk about not letting a serious crisis go to waste, GQ’s Nathaniel Friedman seized on Saturday’s shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue that took the lives of 11 people to post a spirited defense of billionaire Democratic donor George Soros.

In response to a Jew-hating gunman opening fire on worshipers, Friedman declared that Soros and Jews are interchangeable.

“‘Soros’ is shorthand for ‘the Jews’ and anyone who has ever said anything about Soros has blood on their hands,” he tweeted.


But Friedman didn’t stop there, going on to suggest that any opposition to Soros and his destructive progressive agenda is essentially anti-Semitic behavior.


He made it clear that he was in no mood for rational thought, citing “Soros-centric rhetoric” as the cause for the shooting while using the victims as a shield.

But then, unhinged liberal zealots seem to be the rule at GQ, as seen in a tweet from Julia Ioffe, who covers national security and foreign policy topics for the magazine.

Ioffe wasted no time whatsoever in blaming President Donald Trump for the attack,  citing the administration’s decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

As for Friedman, leave it to investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson to point out that his loosely worded edict actually indicts himself.

“(Psst… Einstein… you just accused your own self of having blood on your hands.)” she tweeted.


Here’s a sampling of other reactions from Twitter to a take from Friedman that’s “so hot it hurts to look at it.”



Tom Tillison


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