Arrest of bomb-sender Cesar Sayoc creates a lot of interesting questions. ‘It’s all too strange …’

The arrest of the man suspected of sending more than a dozen pipe bombs in the mail to prominent Democrats and Trump critics seems to be raising more questions than answering.

As news reports of the arrest of Cesar Sayoc in Florida began to circulate Friday, so did an endless amount of questions on social media as many wondered about details from the serious to the absurd.

(Image: screenshot via Twitter)

The 56-year-old with Native American claims and a white Dodge van plastered with decals, sent 14 pipe bombs through the US mail within hours and days of each other, targeting former President Obama, the Clintons, George Soros, former Vice President Joe Biden, Rep. Maxine Waters, actor Robert De Niro as well as CNN, among others.

Investigators reportedly found soldering equipment, stamps, envelopes, paper, a printer and powder in the van, which Sayoc was allegedly living in, according to CNN.

As the pieces began to fall into place about the individual behind the mailed threats, a collective head scratching began on the internet.

Questions began to arise about how it was even possible for a suspect arrested in Florida to pull off the timed delivery of multiple packages.

Many questioned how the packages arrived without postmarks or cancelled stamps and inadequate postage.

Questions also arose about postal security and the role of the Secret Service.

Twitter users speculated on the improbabilities of a man living out of his van being able to finance the operation, never mind the fact that the vehicle plastered with decals never came under the radar.

As details emerge, it seems clear there are many questions still on the table about the suspected mail bomber. Hopefully, with an election just days away, the inquiries do not get swept under the rug.

Frieda Powers


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