CNN asks Democrat voters if Hillary Clinton is helping their candidates. They spilled the cold truth.

Hillary Clinton is the gift that keep on giving for the GOP.

An eyebrow-raising CNN report on Democrat voters from Florida revealed that the failed presidential nominee has “got bad cred” and is viewed by many of them as a liability in current races headed toward the midterm elections.

With Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum vying for the governor’s seat in the state and former Clinton Cabinet Secretary Donna Shalala running for the 27th Congressional District of Florida, Clinton has been mobilized to boost support for the candidates.

But an informal focus group of Florida Democrat voters delivered a surprising verdict when asked by CNN’s Randi Kaye if Clinton is seen as “more of a liability than an asset” to the Gillum campaign.

“Her post-presidential, sort of, demeanor or platform has been very sort of self-indulgent and very much about re-litigating what happened in 2016,” Rob Long said after explaining that Clinton is a “rallying point for the right.”

“And our generation, my generation doesn’t really respond to this re-litigation of 2016,” he added, “and I want to call it whining, but like at this point it’s kinda what it feels like.”

Alexandria Ayala simply stated that Clinton represents an “old Democratic Party.”

One voter thought Clinton could still be helpful to Gillum’s campaign, but in a specific way.

“I think she can be financially helpful because she has a history of fabulous fundraising,” Stephanie Reubins said. “And I think that’s where she should stay.”

Reubins was clear that the former secretary of state should not offer any other form of assistance.

“She’s just got bad cred,” she said. “Bad cred. People don’t trust her, no one trusts her.”

“The reality is I voted for her,” Reubins continued with her scathing assessment. “I supported her. But she does things that, she trips over herself, and she makes big mistakes.”

The group condemned Clinton’s recent defense of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, regarding his affair with intern Monica Lewinsky as “horrifying.”

“We’re in 2018. Times up, me too,” Ayala said, referring to the sexual harassment movements. “Harvey Weinstein unleashed, you know, a generation-long abuse of power, and it’s completely tone-deaf to say that a female 21-year-old in the White House in the Oval Office with the president is not a victim.”

“And is bringing her on going to be a trigger for some people, saying, did you hear what she just said a week ago,” she added.

“Let’s get some fresh blood out here! Let’s spice it up,” Ayala said, reiterating that Clinton is not a welcome addition to the Florida Democratic  campaign scene.

Clinton’s former campaign manager came to her defense in the segment that followed with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

“She’s popular with a lot of people, she got a lot of votes, and I don’t think Democrats should be wringing their hands right now about Hillary Clinton when she’s out there trying to help candidates,” Robby Mook said.

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