Raw footage: Floor collapses at party near Clemson U. Dancing guests go crashing into floor below.

Imagine having a great time on the dance floor, only to feel the floor beneath your feet suddenly collapse and find yourself falling to the floor below.

That’s precisely what happened to party goers attending a party late Saturday near Clemson University in South Carolina.

Raven Guerra, 20,  appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Sunday to detail his experience at the party.

“By the time I had put one foot out the door, I felt that something was weird and that’s when everyone just collapsed and the guy behind me disappeared,” Guerra explained. “Everyone was on the floor and people were screaming and there was wood sticking up from the floorboards.”

Pickens County emergency officials say the floor of the Woodlands of Clemson Apartments clubhouse collapsed into the building’s basement just after midnight, Fox Carolina reported.

At least 30 people attending the private party at the clubhouse were transported to the hospital.

Clemson University tweeted an update early Sunday, noting that there were no life threatening injuries.

“Clemson officials were notified early Sunday morning of an incident at the Woodlands Apartments in the City of Clemson. City police informed Clemson of the incident, and Clemson University EMS and Clemson University Fire coordinated triage and transport of those injured.


“Clemson student affairs representatives were dispatched to all 3 hospitals where injured individuals were being transported. We’re continuing to gather information, and are encouraged by the initial reports of no life-threatening injuries.

A video shared by ABC News captured the collapse from the perspective of one of the individuals on the dance floor, who was recording at the time the floor gave way.

Here’s another video of party goers opting to record the terrifying incident with their phones, instead of helping the victims.


Here’s addition photos and videos from the clubhouse, including one that shows the party goers jumping up and down in unison as the floor collapsed:

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