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Spokesman for Taylor Swift’s guy calls white, male gun owners ‘biggest terrorist organization on planet’

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A spokesman for the Democratic Party effort to elect former Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen to the U.S. Senate once called out  “white male” gun owners as a “terrorist organization.”

Mark Brown, communications director for Tennessee Victory 2018, part of the party’s effort backing Bredesen’s run, responded to a 2015 Facebook post asking people to name “the biggest terrorist organization on the planet,” the Washington Free Beacon reported.

(Image: screenshot Phil Bredesen)

Brown’s comment, referring to gun owners as “Murican gun nuts,” received zero likes, according to the report which noted that the comments were missed in a previous review of the spokesman’s incendiary rhetoric.

(Image: Facebook via Free Beacon)

The top party communications official has been hurling offensive insults at President Donald Trump and slamming his voters as “idiots.”

“F**k reaching out to Trump voters, The idiots aren’t listening,” Brown wrote in a 2017 tweet.

(Image: Mark Brown/Facebook)

He has made disparaging comments about Trump, calling him a “f—stik” and “Putin’s b—-” in a 2017 tweet as his inflammatory remarks have drowned out the message coming from Taylor Swift-endorsed Bredesen, who is running as a moderate promising to work with Republicans as he vies against Rep. Marsha Blackburn for retiring GOP Sen. Bob Corker’s Senate seat.

Bredesen’s claim that he would have supported Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination if he were a senator was exposed by staffers as a ruse to get votes in a recent undercover Project Veritas video. He has won the support of pop singer Taylor Swift who slammed his opponent while sparking a sharp rise in Tennessee voter registrations, though it has not slowed down Blackburn’s support.

The former governor’s attempts to portray himself as a “lifelong gun owner” and a supporter of Second Amendment gun rights have been disputed by the National Rifle Association.

The campaign has not commented on or disavowed Brown, who once called America a “racist” nation and said that “under Trump, evangelicals show their true racist colors,” according to the Free Beacon.


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