Murkowski, not sweating Sarah Palin challenge, does a little trash-talking. Seems these two have history.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski must think Republican voters are stupid, as she wants them to believe that she had no idea that Sarah Palin posted a tweet the day before the vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court implying a potential 2020 challenge.

The liberal Republican senator from Alaska who did not vote to confirm Kavanaugh — the only GOP senator not to vote for him — downplayed the possibility of going up against Palin when she’s up for reelection, suggesting the once popular governor is no longer relevant in Alaska.

“I don’t know the former governor’s interest in being involved in elected politics again,” Murkowski told The Hill. “And she’s really been out of the picture in the state for many years now.”

She then tried to play dumb about Palin’s name suddenly being a factor.

“I don’t know whether this is just wishful thinking by some that would like to see me out so they’re looking for names,” Murkowski added.

It was a little over a week ago, as the Kavanaugh confirmation was reaching a climax, that Palin tweeted, “Hey @LisaMurkowski – I can see 2022 from my house…”

Fox News host Sean Hannity certainly liked the idea of Palin reentering the political scene.

“I tell you, the one person I’d love in Alaska to run against [Murkowski] would be Sarah Palin,” he said Tuesday on his radio show. “Maybe Governor Palin could make a political comeback. I think the people there would like that a lot.”

As noted by The Hill, Palin and Murkowski have a history of bad blood.

Not only did Palin defeat the senator’s father, Frank Murkowski, the sitting governor, in the 2006 Republican primary, she also backed Tea Party candidate Joe Miller, who beat Murkowski in the 2010 Alaska Senate Republican primary.

President Donald Trump predicted that Murkowski would pay a steep price for not supporting Kavanaugh.

“I think she will never recover from this,” Trump told The Washington Post. “I think the people from Alaska will never forgive her for what she did.”

A remark Murkowski brushed off, saying she knows Alaska’s political terrain better than the president does.

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