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‘Buckle up Buttercup’: Thin-skinned Avenatti ticked over Don Jr’s hilarious slam, fires off heated reaction

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Creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti had a really tough week last week, as prized client Julie Swetnick, the woman who made outrageous claims about now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, failed to deliver the goods.

Desperate to pivot away from the disaster, the fame-seeking attorney opted to take on Donald Trump Jr. over a tweet marking the expected release of disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner from prison.

“Who else is excited about Avanetti/Weiner 2020?!? It’s gonna be Carlos Dangerous,” the president’s oldest son tweeted.

The jab proved to be too much to ignore for a thin-skinned Avenatti, who has toyed with the idea of parlaying his representation of porn star Stormy Daniels into a run for president in 2020.

Taking to Twitter, he blasted Trump Jr., calling him “Buttercup” while suggesting he should not talk about others being in prison because he may soon be on his way to the hoosegow — all the left has left is the pipe dream of a Robert Mueller haymaker.

“Bif: If I were you, the last thing I would be doing is referencing other people getting out of federal prison. Because after you are indicted, you will likely be passing them on your way in. BTW, they don’t have silver spoons or gold toilets in the joint. Buckle up Buttercup,” Avenatti tweeted.

There was some confusion over what Avenatti meant when he opened with “Bif.”

Social media users were more convinced that the attorney may be disbarred before Trump Jr. sees the inside of a prison cell.

Here’a a sampling of other reactions from Twitter:




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