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Stephen King tweets a flat out, provable lie about Susan Collins and ‘Merrill’ Garland, and yet …

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Author Stephen King may be known for his writing but he earned scathing backlash for just a dozen words he penned about the Supreme Court.

The supernatural fiction and horror writer tweeted comments about Sen. Susan Collins and how the Maine Republican was “silent” on the treatment of former President Obama’s Supreme Court pick Merrick Garland in 2016.

First there was the glaring problem of misspelling the nominee’s name as “Merrill Garland.”

King tweeted a follow up message blaming “autocorrcet.”

Whether it was autocorrect or just ignorance, the error in Garland’s name was not the only problem. King was called out for being a “sleazy liar” as he noted Collins had allowed the Republicans to block Garland’s confirmation by effectively saying and doing nothing.

That, however was not true.

Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivor, Kyle Kahuv, dropped a quick lesson on the 71-year-old author.

Frieda Powers


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